I need ideas on what to wear to a family reunion please.

I'm going to a family reunion at my grandparents ranch house and I want to get into the whole out in the country cowboy boots and hat wearing theme (actually any excuse to wear cowboy boots really I just love cowboy boots) and I want to wear something cute yet comfy with my boots and hat any ideas?


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  • Cowboy boots, cowboy hat... and that's it.

    Yes, I'm aware of where you're going. Don't sass me.

    • lol I can't wear just that my grandparents are going to be their and so are my little cousins it would be funny tho to see their reaction not going to lie

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    • I'll believe it when I see it =p

    • Don't temp me lol because I will do it trust me =P

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  • Omg sorry but my friend is going to a family reunion and her grandpa's house in this week or this next week! Is your name Emily by any chance? Because if its you Emily: hi xD. (Sorry if you're not thats embarrassing lol). Ok well i'd wear a floral dress, blue is nice, with a belt and a jean jacket then i'd wear the hat and the boots. Its a really cite combo and the dress makes it more suitable for the reunion. :)

    • jeje naw its cool I'm not Emily my name does start with an E tho its Elaine =P

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    • Ya! I'm super glad you agree! Have fun lol!

    • Oh I will hopefully I don't do anything dumb (wish me luck) and yes they were good ideas thank you very much =]

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  • Wellllll, are you into jeans or dresses? Button ups? How's the weather going to be? Hot? Chilly?

    • Its going to be hot and all of the above lol I like dresses I have a few plaid button up shirts and all my jeans are skinny jeans tho.

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    • Hmm, maybe it's just me then LOL... but yeah, I think you should go for that :) Have fun!

    • jeje naw its probably just where I'm from or the area because tbh I haven't seen that anywhere else and I will hopefully I don't do anything stupid (wish me luck) lol and I will thanks a lot =]

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