How should I cut my mums hair?

I have not had any hairdressing training but i have been cutting a few members of my family's hair.(Sister, Brother and dad) Recently my mum agreed for me to cut her hair which i am thrilled about as she is normally protective over who cuts her hair.

I want to prove to her that she made the right choice by letting me cut it and give her a great haircut.

She has long hair that she can sit on and it has no layers or shaping to it. (Completely plain hair) She is disabled so struggles to look after it herself which is why i think she has agreed to me cutting it.

Now i now that ultimately it is her hair and whatever she wants is what i'll do but i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions i could make to my mum that may suit her.

She has a round face so i know certain cuts will not suit that shape and she won't have a full fringe because of the maintenance it requires but is there anything else i can offer her?

only serious answers please :)

thanks x


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  • I think your mum began to letting the burden to carry in your shoulder since she couldn't look after herself sorry to hear. and i think whatever you did for her she definitely like it, why not just take the one you having now? it's perfect for the round face by the bangs hanging down on the sides.


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