How to know when you need a new bra?

Ok so I dont have many bras and they all dont fit me, im currently a 32D (i think...) and I want to know what is the next size from that? Iv got one bra that just abouts fits me but there is a gap so it doesn't touch my chest, does that mean its too small and I need a new one? Im quiet skinny (but muscly) but I swear all my fat just goes to my breasts cause they have grown quiet quickly lately lol


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  • For a start, are you wearing underwired or non-wired? The latter will always have a gap. Sweetie you should really go get fitted by a pro. Having the right bra can make such a difference. If you're too embarrassed to do that, there are diy guides online too.

    • When they professionally fit you are you topless? jw

    • Yeah, but you have the option to keep your bra on. I'd personally recommend taking it off, so that you get the best fit possible (these ladies have seen it all before, trust me) but it's all down to what you're comfortable with.

    • Are you thinking of taking up the profession haha?

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