For you iPhone lovers out there, whats your favorite color?

I'm getting a new iPhone soon and i know there's really not that many colors to choose from but its hard to make up my mind because i wanna get something different. Whats your favorite color of iPhone?
  • Silver/White
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  • Space Grey/ Black
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  • Gold
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  • Other (Explain)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Does it matter? Think about what color case you might want and get whatever goes well with that.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like Gold

    • Yeaa i was thinking about getting gold, Silver is kinda getting too basic lol

    • but you'd be one of the few who owns a silver one haha
      or get a 5c, more colours to choose from haha

    • Yeaa but most peope that have an iPhone, i always see them with Silver/White and i have a white iphone now so i wanna get something different lol

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  • Technically black exerts less stress on the eyes, but I also just think the black iphone looks the best.


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