Trainee teacher sent away from school because of visible tattoos. Guys and Gals what are your opinions?

Question says it all really. What are your opinions on visible tattoos in the work place?

The article is below if anyone want to read it x


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  • She did all she could to cover them. She abided by the rules to keep the job. I agree that wearig plasters is ridiculous. Though she could make the tattoes in her neck and fingers less noticveable with make up, wearing a scarf or rings. But what would she do in the summertime? But still, I don't understand why a tattoo is indecent. It's just body art and a way to express yourself. Tattoes can be bad when they show bad things, like vulgar words, naked women, gory scenes etc


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  • It's catholic school. It's a no surprise. In my old school, there was 2 teachers who had a tattoo on her foot and the other one on her calf. In the summer they wore a patch to cover it because it's in the policy.

    • To be honest I dont think visible tattoos are to bad, as long as they are small and not explicit, but hers are a bit much x

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