I want to buy some new cowboy boots and wear some spurs with them?

So I want to buy some new boots (can never have enough) to wear with dresses and jeans and what not but I also want to buy some spurs to wear them with. I would usually just buy squared toed boots but since I have no idea what type of boots go with spurs.

I was telling my parents that I want to buy some new boots and wear some spurs with them because I think it looks pretty cool (and im going to be up in my grandparents ranch house with horses and animals so I think it would be appropriate since technically I would be horseback riding even if its just for a few days) and they were telling me that I can't just randomly decide to buy some spurs and wear them with my boots if i don't live out in the country with animals nor do I have a real reason to want to buy some spurs and wear them with some boots and to forget my silly idea its just going to be my hard earned money down the drain if I spend it on the spurs (they don't say anything about the boots since they know I love wearing boots if I could wear boots on a daily basis I would or even sleep with them I would but that will get pretty uncomfortable after awhile). Do you think they are right I personally think I can especially since im going to buy them with my money but they insist that I cant. Whos right in this argument.


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  • You're 18, you can blow your money any way you want to.

    You probably won't wear the spurs that often. So it might not be a wise use of your money.

    But money is for having fun. Your bills are paid, you're not in debt, and you've saved up some money for a rainy day and emergencies, right? After that (and after you've invested some for retirement), the rest is money to have fun with. If that's how you want to have fun, then go to it.

    • Thank you finally that sees it my way that thinks money is to have fun with. As you said my bills are all paid I'm not in debt I do have some money saved up for emergencies have been saving for years so I don't see why I can't spend my money what I want. For the spurs I still want them and I go down to see my grandparents every time I have a chance so I can always take them and use them.

  • My opinion... I love to see a woman wearing boots - lovely. But women don't look good in cowBOY boots - the clue is in the name.

  • You can't be a Dallas fan AND a San Antonio fan... it doesn't work that way


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