Can you mix a cable knit cardigan with a striped or plaid shirt?

I just got a navy blue chunky knit cardi, but I'm having issues deciding what to match it with, and I'm not sure if it will clash or not? I have a black and white horizontal stripe shirt or a black and white plaid/gingham. The former is crewneck and the latter is collared. Should I match a heather grey shirt with it instead?


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  • Put them on and send in some pix. Or put them on, take pix and you decide with your friends. Pix are a real help sometimes with fashion.


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  • They all sound good to me. Navy is a basic neutral color in fashion. It's never going to clash with anything in terms of color. And if your cardigan isn't printed, then there isn't any problem at all. What you do have to watch out for when matching a chunky cable knit cardigan is the layering, volume, and texture of your clothes.

    I personally think it'll look best with the plaid shirt though, and anything that is a bit more loose in general.


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