How do I wear wear this masquerade-style mask for Halloween?

I'm dressing up as a cat (I know, how original...) for a friend's Halloween get-together next weekend. I just received a nice black lace set of ears & a face mask that I ordered online.

I just have no clue how I'm supposed to wear the mask? Am I supposed to attach some sort of elastic string to it, hooked to two things that look like that would be the case?


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  • The ears you just wear as a headband. But the mask needs to be tied off with something.

    Like this:$_12.JPG?set_id=880000500F

    I would use either something lacey like in that image, or something like a black silk ribbon. Something delicate and svelte to match the tone of the mask.

    • Also, if you want to maximize comfort, have two ribbons or whatever, one on each side, and then tie the two of them when you put it on. As opposed to trying to just have it 'always' fit by making it one piece that is a set length. It will be easier.

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  • think smart. you don't wear it and you sell it on a higher price

  • That goes on your face.

    • yeah I'm aware of that, but it didn't come with any sort of strings or straps that I would just go around the back of my head.

    • I saw that BearsAnswers already gave you the answer, I was just being goofy.
      Thanks for being a good sport :)

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