How to make the greatest and funnest Halloween party?

How to make the greatest and funnest Halloween party?
I'm moving away and thats the last party I'll ever make.

I need your ideas.
For affordable:
a) Drinking games b) party toys c) party activities d) how to get everyone talking or naked ahaha

SO far:

- Costumes are a must
- I'll be making:
1) Watermelon Vodka
2) Gummy bear Vodka
3) Possibly Punch
4) Caipirinhas (Sweet brazilian drink)

1) Beer pong until the party fills up (with a surprise Whiskey/Tequila/Vodka shot)
2) Limbo
3) Watergun for shots


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  • you definitely will want a quad beer bong. Hiring some people and putting together a haunted house would be cool too. You'll want a good dj, set up the rooms where people only have set areas to go sit so they have to sit next to someone. Throw together a few cheap creepy Halloween activities and make them alcohol related. you'll also need more than one water gun. Those things get lost quickly lol. A vaporizer and strobe lights/ smoke machine/ lasers would go down well too


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