Are guys really sensitive deep down? being teased, picked on by a girl...

at my workplace I always crack a joke sometimes with the guys who work there, and I call them funny names like boogerface, monkeyhead and stuff because they poke me and pick on me too sometimes, and although I don't mind them picking on me, some of the guys get offended when I call them that normal? I mean I don't curse or anything I just use funny goofy names to break the ice...and make conversation...

whats your view on this?


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  • As long as its goofy... and not personal noone should get too offended. If it is part of your style to be rude then have fun with it... but don't expect everybody to appreicate your sense of humour. Rude is the cheapest form of humour...

  • It depends on the guy, what you say, and how it's been said. Some guys will take it, and laugh. Others may seem a little offended by what you say, but if they seem to be, remind them that you're just joking.


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