Which lipstick should I use with a blue eyeshadow? Need help from my GAGer girls!?

My boyfriend and I are going out to a real popular club tonight and I can't decide on what lipstick color to go with!

  • peach
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  • pale pink
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  • hot pink
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  • cherry red
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  • clear color
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Either clear or peach.

    • The clear does look good, would the peach be too much since my eyeshadow is light metallic blue?

    • The contrast may end up looking quite good. If I were you, I'd use the clear one just to be safe!

    • Might be a good idea, what do you think of trying the peach with a clear coat over it?

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What Girls Said 4

  • I'd use a clear color or a pale pink.

  • If your doing a bold eye, never do a bold lip

  • I'd say a nice subtle pink, you don't want to over do it with the blue. Look lovely though

  • As a makeup artist i would say that clear lipgloss has absolutely never been in style and i hope it never does. Only to go over colored lipstick, otherwise never use it on it's own.

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