Am I physically attractive?

Do you think I'm physically attractive? Be honest. Some one told me yesterday that I resemble a meth head. Do you think so? What do you think of me? I am 27 years old. What could I do to improve my physical appearance, if anything?


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  • Maybe grow your hair a little longer. And grow a stubble or a beard. They're super sexy. You're not ugly and no you do not resemble a meth head. In my opinion, you're good looking. Growing your hair and a beard will make you hot. That's what I think.

    • Thanks. Do you think I should grow a bears with sideburns or just a goatee? And how long do you think it should be in inches? I have never grown a beard before, I always liked myself clean shaven.

    • Definitely with sideburns. No, not inches, like 5 o'clock shadow. Should turn out super hot lol. Sorry for the late reply.

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  • Not to me no. But others may disagree with me. I am not everyones cup of tea. So depends on the persons type

    • Can you be more specific? Do I look like a meth head?

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    • What kind of guys do you like? And what physical features do they have that I don't?

    • Hey im just one girl the other two like what they see it really is just preference. I like european , Asian an mixed raced guys. An dark hair, nice beard, light eyes, nice face. An good chest but not too fussd about muscle just not beer belly lol

  • Yes u are attractive, maybe try growing your hair longer

    • You mean ponytail long? Or just a little bit longer? How many inches should it be in your opinion?

    • Nope not a ponytail, maybe just a small amount just a few inches, it might complement your face better

  • You look just fine, but try to use colors that will make you stand out, or just make yourself look more sophisticated!

    • I usually wear polo shirts that are blue or green. Is that more like what you're talking about. How could I make myself look more sophisticated?

    • Polo's are okay for a common day, but make yourself look interesting some jeans with a long sleeve shirt, you're white so go with black, anything goes with your skin color! If you feel you look great you will have any girls attention we look at security, but of you just dress nice but don't give this manly impression then forget it, you get me 😊

  • You are looking good. I think it depends on the girl type and your personality.

    • Thanks! What do you think looks good about me? Is there anything I could improve? Personality is another issue for the time being.

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