What types of dresses/clothing looks okay on tall women? Girls, I need ya help here?

I'm 5'7. May not seem tall but I know other girls must agree :) but whenever I go shopping, I find it VERY difficult to find clothing that looks right on me. Like I'm not bashing short girls (you gals get the cutest wear c:) but I can never find like dresses or shirts that look good. Tall girls like my height and up can you like post pics or write something that looks good for tall women to wear. I feel restricted right now and all I go for is t-shirts and jeans... I feel that's only what looks good on me..


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  • I'll be frank: tall women can wear pretty much anything. We don't have to worry about clothing making us look stunted, and other clothing just makes us look more slender. Thats why models are tall: clothing looks better.

    The downside is it can be a pain in the ass to find pants that are long enough and dresses that are a decent length. But thats okay.

    I think jeans and tops look great, and do dresses (maxi dresses and summer dresses). I don't think my height restricts my wardrobe at all

    • I know right? About pants? It's very hard to find good length pants! Lol I just really need to get a new wardrobe because the one I have now seems to make me look odd, I guess? That's what people tell me. I'm not in the trends lol thanks for your opinion though:)

    • Yeah it drives me nuts. There are some stores that do it by length which is handy.

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  • This page has dresses for tall girls. Hope is helps you.

  • Well it also depends on your body shape! I'm close to your height and have a bigger chest than average woman my height. So it's hard for me too, I go for leggings and longer shirts more tight fitting, but not completely tight because I'm about 135 lbs and don't want to show off my chest but the longer shirt and leggings makes me feel like I'm shorter than what I am.

    • I'm an hourglass figure so about equal on my chest and butt xD I want to show off my height and I wanna know what looks okay for it

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