Question about hair! Girls (and guys too) Have you ever dyed your hair? How was it? Tips? Share your personal stories!

I've been thinking about dyeing my hair for a while now and I think I am really gonna do it!
I'm 18 and my hair was untouched until about a year ago when I got highlights. I've highlighted my hair 3 times but never dyed the entire thing so I'm kinda nervous.
SOOOOOO HOW was your experience the first time you dyed your hair?
I have curly hair and I'm worried that it will ruin my curls... Any GIRLS out there with dyed curls?
What COLOR should I go with? (I already have one in mind :))
I know I want to go lighter...
Any tips?
here's other pics in case they help
Straight hair:
I dyed it :)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yep. I have my hair dyed roughly every 3 months, but just to jet black now. Started doing it regularly since I was about 13, and there's never been any kind of damage to my hair.

    I say do it! You remind me of Birdy, and I can already imagine you with the same color as hers.

    • Ooooh cool you must have strong hair.
      And omg I wish I had her blue eyes!!
      I'm thinking of like a ligjt brown or caramel color then adding highlights to make it more blonde.

    • Yep, that would look perfect on you!

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What Guys Said 4

  • I always preffered natural especially with brunettes.

    • Oh. Well I'm sooooo tired of just dark brown hair.

  • I dyed my hair black once.
    it ended up looking black because it was already black.

    • ... so what was the point...

    • I was trying to make my hair look jet black lol, so I thought dyeing it would do the trick, but I couldn't really see a difference lol.

    • Hahahahaha ohhh i thought you were just being a smart ass or something. Haha that's funny though

  • What colour are you planning on dying it?

    • Hey it's you again! Lol
      Light brown. Like maybe butterscotch/golden brown then later add highlights. Nothing too crazy.

    • That would look nice:)

  • I'm sorry what was the question? I was too busy noticing how cute you are!

    • Lol aww shucks 😚

    • Sorry, couldn't help it :P

    • Lol thanks boo

What Girls Said 5

  • i bleached my hair platinum for 8 years continuously. sometimes i added toner and made it a champagne or sandy blonde. sometimes i added colour and made it a fawn, milktea colour.

    my natural colour is black.

  • I dyed my hair all the time, my natural hair colour is dark brown, I did red, brunette, brunette with blonde highlights, red with pink highlights, and blue black lol

    • Dang did that damage your hair?

    • Yeah, I have a friend who is a hairdresser, my hair is back to normal, I've learnt my natural colour is the best 😄

    • oh cool

  • I have been dyeing and highlighting my hair since I was 14. I have had every colour under the sun. I stick to blonde high and lowlights now. I get it done every 6 weeks for upkeep

    • Does that dry out your hair?

    • Or make it fall out? What do you do to keep it healthy? And what type of hair do you have? Sorry sooo many questions lol

  • No, I've never dyed mine. :(

  • I been dyin my hair since I was 10 I'm 21 now :l


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