I ordered lunar white contacts from coloured-contacts-hut. com?

and they fucking sent me aqua blue cat eyes... it is a UK website and I don't have enough time to send it back and exchange it.. so I am a zombie with blue cat eyes is that stupid or should i just throw the contacts out
not me wearing them but that is what they would look like


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  • Well... what do they look like? Do you have a picture? Not necessarily of yourself wearing them but a picture of something similar maybe so we can see somewhat how they look.

    • https://i.ytimg.com/vi/m7WvtOmQmio/hqdefault.jpg that is what they would look like

    • but imagine it with red purple black bruising make up and gashes and blood for zombie.. ugh I am so mad

    • Oh yeah, those are bright. I don't necessarily think of a zombie when I see them though. I think it could be pretty if you do your make up right. Of course, most people would know it's not how your eyes really look. Ultimately it just depends on how comfortable you are in them. If you are self-conscious wearing them then don't wear them. It just depends on how you feel.

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