Is it safe to use the aftermarket oleophobic coating that you can buy on ebay to put on your Macbook pro screen?

I have a Macbook Pro and the oleophobic coating is starting to come off a little. This is annoying me because it is the second time since the computer was brand new in January this year. The first time Apple put a whole new screen on it. The computer is still under warranty but should I just buy after market oleophobic coating. I really hate this oleophobic coating it does not last five minutes.


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  • what is that oleophobic coating for and does every macbook automatically have it?

    • Apparently I heard it is used to repel oil from your fingers so the screen is easier to clean and as far as I know all modern macbooks have this coating. So do iPhones I think that are newer than the 3GS and also ipads to I think.

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    • They were just people on the internet, I would do whatever Apple said.

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  • I'm just curious (hence my username). Why does the Macbook pro have the oleophobic coating in the first place? Does it have a touch screen? That's the only reason I can think it would have the coating. Really, I'm totally ignorant about Macbooks.

    • It is to repel finger prints, so that they are easier to clean off the screen I think. I may also have something to do with cutting down the glare of the sun and that in your computer screen because when the sun is on my screen it is much easier to read that other computers are.

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