The hottest looking ever?

Describe the look of the sexiest looking person you can imagine. Clothing,(including lack of. lol), hair any eye colors, tall vs. short, breast/penis and butt size, etc.
BTW, although this is basically another one of my "what's your favorite ___?" type of questions, I am hoping to find ways to improve myself from the ladies answers. ;) lol


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  • I'm just going to describe my crush since she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in person!
    She has long brown/blonde type of hair that matches her brown eyes perfectly. She is very slim with a nice pair of breasts and an amazing ass. She is 165 cm long which is the perfect length for me, she has a beautiful face and no need for a lot of makeup!


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  • Tall, dirty blonde short but messy hair, adorable side smile, dresses cute but he doesn't care or tries, he looks the sexiest totally naked, not afraid to show me his beautiful flaws. This man is my boyfriend and he's the sexiest man in the world (: ♡

    • Oh and he has these powerful light blue eyes that are as pure of a blue as you can imagine! (:

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  • Are you trying to get off on these image descriptions or something?

    • Yuck. No. >_>;
      It's just another one of those "what's your favorite ___?" type of questions. :)
      (I am hoping to find ways to improve myself from the ladies answers, though. lol)

  • I like the look of old fashion exotic women. Pale skin with dark hair and light eyes, green or blue. The contrast is exotic and beautiful, the dark hair and pale skin combination is beautiful, the way it contrasts, but adding in green or blue eyes makes it even better, they eyes stand out with dark hair and the girl stands out. Plus small, delicate feminine features. Hair is long with that side part, always glamorous and sexy. As long as the look is natural though. Think Zoey from that tv show the new girl, the girl who plays Annie from the tv show community. These girls are stunning beautiful with long dark hair, piercing blue eyes and pale skin with delicate feminine features.


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