Do guys like this?

I am a good old country girl and I were counter western cloths like I got my wrangler jeans and my Justin boots and I were peril snap shirts. I own and rum a small chicken farm. I am usually just one of the boys. But how do I change this and become more than one of the boys? Is this something I need to change with my style or what pleas help me become mere than one of the boys?


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  • changing your clothes is probably the easiest way: the boys are unlikely to be wearing skirts & heels anytime soon ;) (at least, not the ones you're likely to attract, anyway...)

    if you're going to stick to the jeans look, maybe go for a more feminine cut (low-rise, or slim-fit?) and wear the shirt to show off your (ahem) "assets"; maybe swap the shirt for something a bit more figure-hugging? there's a few sources of info on how to determine the best look for your body type (eg, trinny and susannah, etc)

    then there's always accessories - earrings, bangles, all that kind of stuff will help set you apart from how the guys look.

    good luck

    • Thank yuou I don't dress like a guy its just that treet me like 1 of the boys

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  • I think that would be more of attitude or personality than your style.


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  • *wear


    it's up to you to be what you want to be. I find it redundant to ask those who don't even know you to be like what. if it's your style then go ahead.