Girls, what are some fashionable clothes you think look good on guys?

Ok so I am in a process of getting more fashionable clothes. I'm more of a gentleman type so I want classy clothes. I already own some button up shirts. I also enjoy wearing sweaters and own quite a few of them, but I don't like hoodies or saggy clothes.

So basically I want tips on fashionable& classy clothes that compliment my physique

I'm 16 years old with an athletic build.
Guys are welcome to answer too if you want!


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  • For a 16 year old, flannel and jeans are great. You don’t want to look like you're trying to too hard by wearing clothes 20+ year old men would wear. you're young so anything ranging from t shirts and a nice jacket would be well fitted for your age group. Just shower and comb your hair whichever way your hair goes. Young guys with longer hair are cute too.


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