Guys:What Do You Think?

What do you think of this outfit?Hone link

I know the link doesn't work but I'm working on it...
I don't know if any of those links work,my computer is being a dick but if they do work tell me what you think of them.Hate them?Like them both?Which one do you like better?


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  • the shirt is cool, the Adams Family can keep the velvet jacket though (i'd like it if it wasn't velvet.

    i know it's a style, I used to be really into the gothic thing. but I don't see the point is spending that much money on clothes that are made of cheap materials and/or look like they went through an industrial shredder. that shirt is NOT worth $30! but seriously, they look trashy and I wouldn't waste my money on them.

    • Oh,Im not gonna buy them.I E-bay all of my fancy clothes.

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  • I love the outfit. It's a masterwork of understatement, and brings minimalism to a new pinnacle. Bravo!

    • I just couldn't resist pullin your leg.

    • Yeah,nice use of words though I knew what none of it meant.

    • TI'm sorry. There's always the Mirriam-Webster though. Just a click of the mouse away.

  • Hate them. I hate emo style, though.


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  • I'm going to be honest with you here and tell you they're both awful. I'm not into that style at all, but if it's what you feel comfortable and yourself in then go for it. Don't let anyone's opinions change you unless you really care about what they think and your goal in life is to impress the people around you.