How can I break away from the jeans-tshirt-hoodie everyday wardrobe?

I have been wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie almost every day, and I want to change that. The problem is, I'm not super girly, and wearing something really form fitting or that shows a lot of skin makes me feel vulnerable and exposed. I'm not a big fan of flashy or attention drawing clothing, and like "simple elegance". I'm not boring, but you could say I'm a bland dresser. I need help finding a style of clothes that are slightly more feminine/less generic but not revealing or flashy. Any ideas ladies?


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  • The best way is to really build up over the summer. I spent all year working for money so that I could just go out and do what I wanted over the summer.
    Figuring out why you want to do is really hard, so I suggest finding fashion blogger online that basically so what you would like to do (then basically buy the same outfits so you don't have to think about thing yourself). I suggest tumblr, Pinterest, lookbook. nu, or Instagram. Also try finding a blogger who has a similar body type.
    Once you did a blogger rely on then or inspiration or staple items they have. Also start with basics. Everyone needs a plain white v-neck, blue jeans that work with every outfit, a go to black jacket, and some other staples that you have to figure out for yourself (or you can message me).
    Next figure out what girly means to you. For some it just means dressing well, for others it's a certain style. Search every style and figure out what you definitions is.
    Also accessories can take an outfit from a 5 to a 10 really quickly
    This is all I can think of right now, so message me with any questions or if you want to me to elaborate message me


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  • Trench coat? A shirt? Business casual (might be hard if you're too young)?

    Come on, jeans and a hoodie ain't bad at all :)

    • But everyday? Then again, no one really has the right to judge the way I dress when other girls are walking around with their butts hanging out of their shorts.

    • EXACTLY! I'd pick a girl in a hoodie and jeans (got to admit it looks quite cute on the right girl) over a girl that looks like an 80's whore (yes, i know i just offended quite a few teens now, but i don't care).

      I'd say you should refine your look, instead of changing it. Try different colors, accessories, etc. Make jeans and hoodie YOUR style, and ROCK IT.

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