Girls, what is your preferred solution when the weather gets a little colder?

Based on observation, for the upper body this is more or less what you'd see around you:
- An extra sweater or vest, or extra layer below below blouse or dress.
- Or, a nice body warmer.

For the lower body, you see for example:
- Some girls shift from skits or dresses to long pants.
- Some shift from shoes to boots.
- Some shift from bare legs to leggings or pantyhose.

So girls, what do you prefer? Other choices always interesting to hear!


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  • hmm my style.. This

    To.. This
    With a scarf, gloves and a long cashmere coat
    Like that but no fur crap around my neck.. Just a nice curve neckline

    • Thanks for sharing that! As a whole, I find the last look very nice!
      Though I think most girls would choose a longer dress in winter... no idea how good tights keep you warm, but can't imagine a short dress is warm in winter?

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    • Hahaha @Asker no stress man. Glad you got some insight of down under :)

    • Asker- all good πŸ‘πŸ˜

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  • In winter I always, and I mean always, wear a thick jumper (or sweater, as you guys like to say in the US :p) and a scarf! Those are my absolute favourites, especially wool jumpers... So cozy haha :) I like to wear thick jeans, and if it's really cold, I tend to layer a pair of leggings underneath them - that's my secret in winter. I also love putting on fluffy socks with Doc Martens, a fleecy parka and a beanie.

    • Thanks for the detailed answer! Oh and... most of the answerers will be from the USA but I'm from Belgium. Bonsoir madame!

  • Hoodies! Hoodies! Hoodies! They're so comfortable and they're perfect for when the weather gets cold. I just pair em with some comfy jeggings and my fave pair of uggs and I'm out the door!

    • Haha, onviously a fan of hoodies :-)
      They're nice though!
      I had to google for uggs, they're boots? They look cute as well, nice look with he hoodies and the uggs haha :-)

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    • I see. Fortunately they're so cute :-)

    • So true! : )

  • Sweaters layers on layers on layers like I'll wear a tank then a long sleeve shirt then a sweater over if it's really cold. And pants of course with boots.

    • Oops forget my comment to yours below... you've answerd already haha!
      Thanks for that :-)

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    • Video interview on my phone through that app. They said I can do it on the computer which yah if I had a webcam but I'm not going to go buy one just for that like if I don't get the job I've wasted money on something I have no use for. So it's annoying.

    • Tsssj... I have a webcam on my laptop (never used it though) but a smartphone is none of my possessions :-)
      I have a simple mobile, not a technology freak!

  • I always wear a vest in the winter, and i still wear my jeans and shoes as always :)

    • Clear! Thanks and keep yourself warm haha :-)

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    • For sure the logic is correct... and it's a business controller (my job...) who'll have told them to do that :-)
      Shooting allowed, I can take it hahaha!

    • haha oke =)

  • use my boyfriend as a hug blanket

  • Similar outfits but with long-sleeved tops, or a vest under my blouse; tights under my dress or skirt; making sure the tights and vest overlap! Plus I have a Hell Bunny winter coat I really like and wear all the time outside when it gets cold

    • Haha, that bunny - dress - tights look sounds cute... and nice and warm :-)

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    • Aw thank you :))

    • You're welcome haha!

What Guys Said 1

  • Simple: yoga pants and uggs. That's what every basic around my campus wears, at least.


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