Colored sisters weave gurus help me out! LOL I have long hair but I want to get blonde hair without bleaching my real hair?

I colored my hair blonde 3 years ago and I'm never doing it again. A hair stylist did it but it really dries out your hair.

I want to get either red or blonde hair. Nothing too extreme. Should I save for a wig or get my hair sewn in with corn rows underneath?

Can someone post some hair pics? I'm not coloring my real hair


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  • Get a sew-in with a lace closure.

    • The closure is for if you don't want to have any leave out, you can buy natural looking closures online so it doesn't end up looking like a wig.

    • Wow I'm going to have save a lot of money for that
      I'm a college student working at a temp minimum wage job