Any suggestions on where I can get a nice cheap homecoming dress?

im a freshman and my first homecoming dance is coming up and i wanna look realllyy good well obviously lol. and i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to get a dress in the mall and also if you could help me with some links to dresses i might like? it doesn't have to be really expensive no ones really going all out cuz its just homecoming. one of my friends got her dress at forever21 for $45. and i dont wanna put my picture online but i have long brown hair down to my waist, brown eyes, lightish olive skin, and i am an autumn skin tone. oh and my measurements are along the lines of 34-27-37. and im looking for a purple dress doesn't really matter what shade or red or even brown/gold. and here are some links of dresses i like one is really expensive and one seems kinda too cheap for a homecoming dress..
my price range is up to like alittle over 100 and yeah i like bodycon dresses lol but skater dresses are cute too
just a few i liked^
oh and i took out the link for the really cheap one lol it was like 8$ at forever 21.. and also teal is good too


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  • Have you tried goodwill or new to you?


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