Is getting a lip piercing worth it?

When I'm legal I want to get a spider bite lip piercing.

I just want to know if it's worth it? It's something that I really like and I'm not doing it for anyone else other than me.

My Dad isn't too happy about it. He says "What's the use?". Well, I like it and that's reason enough for me.

Is it going to affect any parts of my lifestyle? Is this going to effect my hygiene? What do I have to change in my lifestyle if so?

I'd really appareciate the feedback, thanks.


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  • Well I went through that phase when I had my first body mod, I couldn't stop. But now I only have 3 ear piercings that I decided to keep.

    The lip and brow healed over and isn't noticeable.

    If you want to do it. Then why not? :)

    • Thanks.

      If things go wrong with me I'll just get extra ear piercings haha

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  • i got tons O_O
    its all preference, but to be honest, if you are so unsure as to ask if it's worth it, then maybe it is not for you

    • No no I really want one but if it's going to affect my health or if I have to make big changes like cut off my teeth or something I obviously won't do it.

      I just want to make sure it's safe if you get what I mean

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    • I don't think I'm going to pierce it myself if that's what you mean :/

      That'd be pretty scary haha.

    • ... no... it was a joke, a random tip... sparklers are little fireworks

  • No piercing looks better

    • Thanks for the opinion m8 but I prefer with piercing haha

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  • I had my lip pierced, I really liked it. I took it out when I graduated college because I felt it stopped being age-appropriate.

    It was fun while it lasted.

  • itll affect your chances of getting a job or staying in it (check their dress code policies or your schools if you go to one), itll leave permanent holes in your lips and itll have a chance wearing away your tooth enamel or gums depending on the placement but it won't effect your hygeine as long as you clean them properly until theyre healed.

    i used to have tons of piercings when i was younger so im not just saying it to be a prude, i used to have lip piercings, 3 belly piercings, nipple piercings and hip piercings. all left permanent holes which i dont personally care about but you might.

    • Is it noticeable if I don't wear a ring or a stud? I mean I can always take it off when I'm at work or at school.

      Well, about the teeth. I should clean them daily anyways so I don't think that'll be a problem and getting it professionally done should be okay right?

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    • Thanks for the tips they've really helped. One more thing though, if we don't use it very regularly it shouldn't affect my teeth or gums that much right?

    • dont use it regularly?

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