Girls a good make up foundation!?

Girls what's a good foundation that you use or have used. I'm currently using maybelline Fit me and its okay. It just doesn't stay on face lol and it gets on my clothes so I was wondering what is a good one you guys use. Powder and liquid please. Thank you :)


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  • Wow i was thinking about buying fit me, can you tell me more? I've used elf's matte liquid foundation and it's pretty good except for the getting on clothes thing. Also, any liquid foundation from clinique is good. For pressed powder I've only ever used Kleancolor. Good luck!

    • Fit me is good. It last a long time it just gets on my clothes and I feel like I have to use a little more than I should especially on the liquid version. Other thanks that I like it. I'm just annoyed with it at the moment lol.

  • I use M. A. C body and face foundation! That's the best you can get on market where i am (you would spend $80.00 on a bottle) it's light weight and looks like your not wearing foundation at all! (Doesn't look like you spread cake batter on your face) hehe and powder I use block powder $60.00 (by M. A. C aswell) gives it a flawless finish and prevents shine in you "T" zone.. 😊

    • Thanks :) that's really expensive. Does it last years? Lmao.

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    • Okay thanks :) I'll go to Ulta and check it out :)

    • Yeah babe have a looky 😁👍

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