Is it okay to wear thigh high hosiery to bed?

Its very cold, like upper 20's outside and inside its still freezing cold. My legs are super cold, and shivering unless i wear hosiery on them. Is it okay to wear hosiery to sleep? Also is there any other types of leg clothing i can wear. Like would leggings be better?


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  • Yes. I'm wearing some now bc it's hella cold.

    • Omg ikr. Yeah im like huddled under the covers trying to stay warm. Im curled up in a ball lol

    • I've yet to move from infront of the radiator lol. It's like my bedroom is so far but the hallway and flight of stairs between it is so cold.

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  • I found wearing a pair of tights under some sweatpants works okay. I used to live in Virginia so it got super cold at night. That mattress warmer sounds like a gift from God LOL!!!

  • dont wear them find somthing else to put on them


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