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ok so I have an older friend he's 13 years older then me and he has 2 beautiful kids one is 1 year old and the other is 3 years old. He an awesome guy and friend. So two days ago he told me that he feels like a pervert cause he likes me and if we keep on talking he'll eventually fall for me but I don't wanna hurt him. Plus me and my boyfriend broke up last night. And me and my friend he helped me a lot with my boyfriend so we won't break up and I really don't wanna stop talking 2 him but I also don't wanna hurt him because he's been hurt a lot.


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  • If he tells you he feels like a pervert, you'd do well to take him at his word. If he were seriously looking out for your best interests, he'd have found a way to graciously back out of your life as soon as he realized he couldn't control his feeling/urges. He wouldn't have confided in you his fear that he might "eventually fall for you", unless he's hoping for you to follow along. If you were of legal age, and he were single (is he single?), of course, things would play out differently. I highly recommend you take him at his word, and tell him it's best that you back out of his life until you come of age, at the very least. If he is in fact married, or living with a woman, then you better get away from him just a fast as you can. And don't ever look back, except as a reminder of how close you came to a train wreck.

    • I agree,

      What he said... all the above ...

    • Yes he is single and no he got a divorce cause the girl cheated on him with her ex so right now he's living with his mom until he finds an apartment 4 himself

    • He's single. Me and him still friends aparently he fell in love with me but he knows I don't feel the same way. I feel bad cause He deserves someone who will love him and treat him right. I'm just not that person and I get scared sometimes like when I see him we talk a little and then when were iming each other he tells me that he felt like kissing me it just makes me feel weird and disgusted

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  • just ignore guys who are already in a relationship-too much drama, it's not right, he's already got a kid, he's got a wife/ girlfriend whatever-that isn't the greatest place for anyone to start up a new relationship.

    i would just stay clear of him. the same thing is happening with me and this guy that used to go to highscool with me. he's got kids but he had a huge crush on me in hgihschool apparently. well, it isn't going to happen. because he's got a familiy and I have my own boyfriend. you have to have your own self respect

    • I mean like I don't see him as more then a friend and he knows it, its just that it feels weird that he's feeling me cause he always helped me out with my problems and with my boyfriend. And like 3 days after he told me me and my boyfriend broke up ( but not cause of that) so its like I got lots of things on me right now