Girls, guys, which are the clothes you like wearing and which ones do you see as an obligation?

For me, what I like wearing are T-shirts, shorts and training suits. And as "business casual" clothes, jeans and sweaters.

What I see as an obligation is wearing a tie. Although I don't dislike it that much, it can be uncomfortable when you need to go outside in windy conditions or during lunch.

Feel free to explain why you like or dislike them!


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  • I like wearing what's comfortable and for me that the t-shirts and stuff. The tie is not necessary you don't need to wear it. If it's uncomfortable your fine

    • Oh yes, me too! For me clothes serve to call me warm and to sit comfortably on me. What feels wrong is what I will automatically dislike :-)

    • Yeah same here glad to know someone else is like me (:

    • Haha, since you were the only person answering this one, but also with a nice answer, most helpful is all yours!

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