I am 56 years and for last 10 years attract men 20 years younger - why?

I have lived in Germany, I am American, I live now in the middle east. Since my divorce I am constantly approached by men at least 20 years younger than me. I AM NOT A COUGAR and do not seek them out - I am looking to get married again after 10 years single, and am pretty sure these men (who do think I'm younger by 10 years) don't want to marry me. Men my age do not seem attracted to me or me them? Perhaps if they were 5 years younger - but now I AM SO OLD! should I just give up the idea of marriage?


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  • No ! - keep seeking - you will find, expand your social circle, get some hobbies where you could potentially meet the kind of person you are seeking, think +ve, imagine you end position , add it to your bucket list, you may surprise yourself...

    • Thank you for your supportive and positive answer!

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