How do I tell her I like to wear women's lingerie?

I am a guy that likes to wear girls/womens lingerie and have been doing so for a while. So here are my questions. How do I find a women that likes or at least, can deal with me wearing a bra and panty or a shiny leotard? and When or if I find her, how do I tell her?


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  • When you meet a woman, look for signs that she is open-minded, curious about the world and likes to try new things (those kind of people are more fun in all aspects, anyway.) You might be surprised how accepting people can be once you've gotten to know them, so give yourself time to get to know each other and decide when YOU are comfortable bringing it up. If she doesn't know much about cross-dressing, be prepared to explain why you like it and dispel any false beliefs she may have. If you've been hitting it off with a woman and she likes you for you, chances are she'll be more open to EVERYTHING about you... even the most unconventional of hobbies don't seem strange at all when taken in the context of someone you get along with and enjoy spending time with.

    If anything, there are plenty of safe, legit websites where you can meet people who share your interests in a much less awkward environment.

    • That makes sense. Now all I need is to find the right woman. Thank you for the response.

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  • ha ha If I really liked the guy it wouldn't bother me tho I would prob spend a lot of time trying to grope his man breast no offense but I don't think I could resist :)

  • before I answer I need to know why...

    • Okay. Why to which? Why do I want to let her know, or why do I wear women's undies?

      The wearing part is just something I've been doing for many many years. I'm not sure why. I just know I like the feeling of the lace or satin against my chest, and the feeling of it encasing my manhood is a feeling that is just awesome. When I wear my leotards or teddies, the feeling of being encased in women's finery is indescribable.

      If it were only a sex thing, I could give you a definitive answer.

  • That would be tough to deal with. We would have to compromise...I'm wearing your boxers!

    • Fair enough, except the only underwear I really have are panties and boyshorts. Otherwise I don't wear anything at all

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