What type of dressing (fashion) do girls like to see in a boy, whose at the age of 18-19?

What type of Dressing (fashion) do girls like to see in a Boy, whose at the age of 18-19... ? I mean in casual and formal both ways...
Girls with the age of 18-20 MUST answer this...
*Peace* :)


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  • Black skinny jeans, skinny jeans, skinny jeans, and more skinny jeans

    Casual: V-neck shirts, band-tees, sweaters (just not cardigans), leather jacket, hoodies and (what else) skinny jeans... Look up Matt Healy, almost everything he wears I love

    Formal: Nice blazer, button up shirt (wear a tie depending on the formality of the situation), slacks or khackis


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  • Basically dress like Harry Styles in 2014. I really like how he dresses and my boyfriend dresses similar. Like boots, skinny jeans, and flannels. Kinda indie style. I'm 17, but my boyfriends 20 so he's your age.

  • Dont normaly go for young guys but casual, biker jacket-tshirt-slimfit boot cut jeans-boots.
    Smart, shirt-smart jeans-smat boots/shoes

    • Can you show some examples of what kind of boots girls like to see?

    • *casual ones

    • Well this is just me but, stalking/hunting boots, bike boots stuff like that... But then agen im not your typical girl

  • Nice jeans, a button up shirt, and casual shoes with a nice jacket. cologne always helps too!

  • Casual - Tight T-shirt, dark wash jeans.
    Formal- Nice button up shirt, dark dress pants

    Don't forget the cologne, that's the best. But don't bathe in it either.


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