Shorts for muscular men?

So my guy has big quads, and a big butt. Every pair of shorts we've tried look like they are painted on to him. The only ones that look ok are cargo shorts.
Any body know ones that might fit better?
He doesn't want super short like the chubbies either
Like these- just plain shorts
But his body type is this but white :P


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  • I have the same problem. If you find a good brand let me know

    • So far all I've found are chubbies. And it seems the non-elastic waist shorts are a bit longer. Sky's out- thighs out!

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  • How about sweat pants,, they come in large sizes for guys with big quads.. I'm afraid he'll always have trouble looking normal in shorts.

    • Haha noooooo!!! Wearing gym clothes when you're not at the gym/going to/coming from is kinda like giving up :P

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    • Nah we live at a beach, lots of beach weddings :)

    • He won't be the only one looking bulging in is shorts. Tell him to relax, he lives at the beach, already!

  • How about basket ball shorts they are baggy and can be worn fashionable

    • Nah he's kinda clean cut looking, and all the stuff he likes is slim fit.

What Girls Said 1

  • Where are you? Australia? It's winter time you shouldn't be worried about shorts anyway

    • Still Florida gets cold too (trust me I know) you guys have like 3 more weeks of warmth unless you live in Miami or Fort Lauderdale.

      Has he tried buying his shorts a size bigger and wearing a belt?

    • North Palm beach :)
      And yeah because 32 is baggy on him as it is. His waist is very lean and his butt and legs very big

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