Split Neck Cable Knit Sweater Dress...opinions please <3


opinions on this sweater dress. I kinda like it. would you buy something like this? I'm shopping for fall. shopping makes me happy :-)


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  • Wow,that's really nice.Definitely a Fall or Winter item,but very classy.Could definitely be a "little black dress"for cooler nights.Now,go get yourself some black or off black tights for daytime,or some really sheer off black nylons or pantyhose and some killer black patent heels,to complete it all.

  • i don't know if your'e gonna just wear it like that, or wear it with leggings underneath? I won't buy this dress because it looks like what a 30 year old would wear. I'd get something thicker, at least 3-4 inches above knee-length, and something that's more fitting and long sleeved.

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