Are big, baggy sweatshirts cute on a girl?

okay, I am Very self conscious about my body. I'm short and have a bit of a muscular build to me, but not like bulging muscles. anyway I love to have fun, I mean I LOVE IT! and I can't go jumping and running around with the size my breasts are.

they're DD, possibly E.

i love to wear men's shirts and skater shoes like sneaux and stuff. is it a turn off for me to wear sweatshirts that are way to big for me or, is it cute because I tend to like hide in it and look all bashful and stuff?


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  • The most important thing is for you to fell good.

    Personally I like when small girls (body) wear big stuff.

    When they do an big innocent look, that's really a turn on.


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  • It's cute maybe if it's like once or twice a week at most. Can't wear it all the time. lol

  • well its cute when its ur bf's sweater or something but don't wear it 24 7


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