A question for the married people out there...

When you got married do you think you went more for personality in the end or for looks?

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  • I'd say that I put more importance on personality and compatibility of interests back when I was agonizing about whether to marry or not. Been married for going on 20 years now, so I guess something worked. :)

    Looks are great, but they will definitely deteriorate over time (that includes yours too! :), while personality has a non-trivial chance of significantly improving with time, as people graduate from being inexperienced-and-stupid to experienced-with-common-sense.

    It goes without saying, but marriage is (ideally) a long-term commitment, so think in those terms. In other words, make sure you'd still be willing to spend lots of time with the middle-aged version of the person you're marrying...because eventually that's exactly what you'll be doing!


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  • From what I have seen, people who get married exclusively for looks usually divorce fairly quickly because they get sick of each other.

    I think most people who get married and stay married marry for a variety of reasons, including looks, yes, but personality more so, and a variety of other reasons, like intelligence and morals and stuff like that.

    • Also, I am obviously not married, so I'm sorry for answering this question, but I felt the need to chip in.

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  • If had been paying attention to her character I would have never gotten married :(