Too Fat for a bikini?

I have recently put weight back on that i had lost. I am now 78kgs, 5foot4.5 (163cm) and have always had curvy figure, i always laugh and say I have a ghetto bootie and birthing hips XD
But I am going away to the beach for a holiday, i bought a cute bikini that isn't too revealing and has plenty of support (if you know what i mean). I don't hate how i look in it, but i also know i am not as slim as i used to be. What i want to know is, am i too fat to wear this pretty set of swimwear that I've bought? they are a size 14 and fit really good. they don't cut into my skin. my measurements are Bust: 38", waist, 31", and hips/bum 41". Thanks


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  • You're not too fat. As long as you feel confortable that way, i's all that matter and if it suits you, it's perfect. We don't have to look like mannequin to wear one.

  • How to get a bikini body:
    Put a bikini on your body
    Wear it with confidence
    And... DAMN GURL you have a bikini body
    Confidence is sexy

    • bikinis aren't for obense women, one pieces are...

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    • think what you want. people who have common sense would dress according to their body types.

    • There is no such thing as "common sense" when it comes to dressing how you like to dress.

  • Go for it. If you are comfortable wearing a bikini do it :) nobody is too fat for a bikini. It's all about confidence. Don't care what others say or do.

  • You don't sound too fat at all. But it really depends on your body. Some people can be 90kg and rock a bikini, while other who weights 60kg can look like they should lose a little weight.

    • Thanks for your honesty. I completely understand what your saying, i know myself that I do need to lose the weight again but in such a short time frame until the holiday it's unrealistic and unhealthy for me to try and do it by then. I like how the togs exentuate my curves, they draw the eye to my curves and not to my pudgy bits haha.

    • You just go rock that thing! :)

  • well I don't know it's up to you. I know I'm the same weight, just at 5'6 and my measurements 39 29 39 and I don't really feel comfortable in a bikini. I feel too big for that. if you feel differently, I suppose there is nothing wong with it

    • No disrespect intended but your comment is not constructive in any way. I appreciate your honesty with your own measurements, but just because you lack the confidence to wear a bikini with such an amazing figure doesn't mean you have you provide unconstructive criticism on my question. By responding the way you have you are simply discouraging me from wearing it. Reverse psychology plain and simple.

      Thanks again for your response.

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    • Im actually with this girl. Her answer was constructive, you just chose to get offended. If you can't handle the answers, then don't ask.

    • I'm not offended at your opinion that I might be.
      And you didn't say that at all, your response was "well I don't know" (then stated your measurements) and then said you were uncomfortable with wearing a bikini.

      Which in a nutshell is telling me that because your uncomfortable with your own body in a bikini that I must certainly be too big for one.

      I'm not offended - I'm just saying that you shouldn't write a response if your going to make comparisons to yourself or say you don't know?

      But that's fine, I know according to my BMI that I am slightly overweight but I only wanted an answer if I was completely disgusting if I chose to wear one.

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