What Do You Think Of Henna Tattoes? (Pic)?

This might look a bit crappy but I like henna lol https://tinypic.com/r/dy6nf8/8


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  • Love em! Did you do that one yourself? I so badly wanna learn but I'm so scared I'll go wrong and have to have something terrible on me for weeks haha.

    • yay finally someone who loves them too! lol
      yeah I'm still in the process of learning lol. don't worry start with simple stuff like names etc. then you can draw anything you like haha :)

    • What's peoples usual reaction to them when you're out and about?
      You're really good, especially if you say you're still learning. That's a really intricate design, it looks pro lol.

    • They usually like it. I was out today and people kept looking at my hand with admiration lmao.. but my friends are not a fan. They say i should get real permanent tattoes as they have plenty of them but i don't want to, i don't like permanent ones. Oh thanks :) haha

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  • Hand tattoos can be problematic with jobs, as much as I like them. As long as they're not on the palm of the hand, they won't fade badly.

  • I don't like it. we use it at henna night which, it is made bride by her friend before bride don't get married but we don't usually use figure


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