How to be cute?

Girls: when a guy likes you, what can he do to make you think he's cute (as opposed to creepy)? And don't say be yourself. I used to be the guy the girls used to think was cute, but I feel like I've lost my innocence since then.

So when a guy likes you, what makes you want him to like you more and thus makes you interested in him?


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  • Make occasional eye contact and then give a cute little smile. If a guy makes eye contact with me and then smiles...I am automatically thinking "AWWW...That was sweet!" And boom...You have my attention!

    If you want to give a girl the "innocent" vibe then act kind of shy around her and don't be flirting around with every female that passes your way. That makes you seem a little more like a player rather than a sweet/cute guy that we could get to know. Hope this helps! This is just my personal opinion! :)

  • make eye contact, then give a little smile, and look down. that shows you're interested and gives the shy factor, too. very attractive.

    listen to her stories, then share some of yours with her.

    laugh if she tells a joke or makes a funny comment.

    make her the center of your attention.


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