Girly girl or sporty?

Guys, I need opinions. I'm a soccer boss and all the boys know it. When we play soccer at school they always pick me first. I'm also a master at art and my studies and even music. I've gotten lots of complements on art and they even know I've won a national art competition. But a lot of the "popular" girls are already dating but not me.
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Well, I can't imagine myself as a girly-girl. I get SO ANNOYED by the stuck-up prissy girls who squeal at every little thing!
Another thing: I'm overall kinda shy but I'm partially a tomboy, but on special occasions I'll dress up a bit.


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  • Why not both? You'll find someone that likes you for everything about you not just a singled out trait.


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  • Girly girl, but what you described yourself as is not bad either.

  • sporty of course

  • Sporty is fine. It's a little odd that you're so annoyed by "girly" girls, though. It's a little amusing that you're judging them while calling them stuck-up, since judging people without getting to know them first is what stuck up-girls do.


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