Do You Like Avril Lavigne?

Her music,I mean.I'm not saying I like her and I'm not saying I don't,though I think she was at her best with 'Under My Skin'.'The Best Damn Thing' was just too poppy and bratty in my opinion.Now,I would like to hear your opinion.Please,no comments about her being a poser.I'm not talking about HER,I'm talking about her music.I could care less for her style or personality.

I know I'm probably not gonna get a lot of answers on this,but hey!I gave it a shot.


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  • Not particularly. Her first CD was okay, but I am not sure I ever heard any of the second one, and I didn't like what I heard of the third.

    • The second one is a bit 'darker' so to speak,not like metal or anything but it wasn't pop.Some really good songs off of that disc are 'Together' and 'Take Me Away'.You should check'em out.You might like it,depending on your musical taste.

  • yep she's cool