HELP! How can I flirt in my science class?

So there is this really cute guy that sits behind me in my science class, we are all the way in the back thankfully so I can talk to him like the whole time =]

Anyway I need some tips how to flirt with him during class, and even when we get split into lab groups.

Also how to subtly flirt without my friends calling me a flirt in class.


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  • Hmm, try just finding little things to try turn around and talk :) Say cute little flirty things, and make little jokes about something the teacher said or something. Maybe even just a little thing like turning around when you are taking a note in calss, while he's writing something and just watch and smile at him, then if he looks up and smiles and ask why your smiling at him or asks "what?" playfully, say something cute like "you look funny when your TRYING to pay attention" and giggle ;) If he laughs, then laugh and say " buuut, I seemed to have missed what Mr/Ms.*name* just said, can I see your notes?" and give him a flirty smile. When you talk to him, and he says something funny and when you kinda laugh touch his arm.. just little things like that :)


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