Are bottled hair colors better then the original?

I never dyed my hair (original color: dark brown and redish when hit by the sunlight) but people have told I will like good with chocolate brown hair. Is it better to with my original hair color or dye it?
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  • If your happy with your natural colour don't change it. It could take months to get it back if it goes wrong and if the new colour is really different then u either keep it like that or wait a very long time for it to grow out. If u really want to try it then get a none permanent one to try first so it can be washed out if u don't like it.


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  • I agree with ilovesexyfeet.
    Dyed hair can have the advantage of looking richer than natural hair color, but the dye can also significantly damage your hair and it can take a very, very long time to grow a full head of virgin hair back.


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