Any tips to make lashes grow naturally?

hello I'm just wondering if there's any tips about how to make your lashes grow naturally, I have been using fake lashes for years now & my real lashes kinda thinned out :'(


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  • I think fake lashes (if applied correctly above the lash line with the glue not on your real eyelashes) are less damaging than waterproof mascara. I'd lose lashes daily with mascara removal but I rarely see any lashes come out when I use fake lashes. I use a mixture of coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, and vitamin e to remove my eye makeup and I use this as a serum at night for eyelash growth. It makes your eyelashes super conditioned and less prone to breakage and fallout. There is no solid proof it stimulates new lash growth (some people believe it does) but it ensures the lashes you do have don't get pulled out.

    • I'll have to try that :o thanks for the advice

    • Thank you for mho. I know a lot of people have had great success with fysiko eyelash serum too, but it is $140 (more than latisse). I know mavala makes a serum that supposedly works well that's around $20.

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  • Obviously my first advice would be not to use fake lashes and use less mascara, or one that doesn't put too much product on your lashes. I have naturally long lashes, but I like them even longer and Vaseline does the trick. I use it every night, sometimes I skip and use it once a week haha.. But after using it for just one week you can see results.

  • Ohhh girl fake lashes are a no no I'm afraid I don't know any tips though my lashes are naturally Pretty thick and long

  • I used to cut my lashes because they are naturally long. I didn't like how long they were. But now I stopped trimming them. Since they just grow back anyways and I get lazy to cut them lol I think it's genetics mostly.

    I heard if you apply vaseline to your lashes overnight, it helps them grow. My friend is trying this because she wears false eyelashes as well, and now her eyelashes looks so thin. She recently tried this, so I'm not sure if it works. You can give it a shot.

    • Omg don't cut your lashes they are beautiful :o literally every girl I know wears falsies cause they want lashes like yours ! & thanks I'll try it

    • Yea, I found out about that. When I told my friend I used to cut my lashes, she freaked out lol She told me how she spends her time and money at beauty salons just to have lashes that I cut. I don't do it anymore because one time it looked so crappy and uneven lol Also I've gotten lazier now. If they grow too long, meh. Oh well.
      Also a lot of girls wear them as well. Some don't wear obvious looking fake ones though. So it threw me off. Some girls get decent length and thickness that appear like real lashes. That's why I was shocked to find that my friend wore them.
      Good luck though :)

  • Yea fake lashes aren't the best.
    you could try lash growing serums and mascaras.
    Latise is supposed to be good but a prescription is in need to obtain it.

    If I was you, I'd stop wearing the falsies and make sure you take your mascara off super well at night!
    Coconut oil works wonders to take it all off!

  • lmao man I've cut my eyelashes because they gotten so long and annoying at least 3 times this year (almost to the point of having none left)

    but here's the thing they come right back somehow so i think genetics play a role in it

    • Why would you cut your eyashes? Ungrateful smh :p

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    • She's a dummy, I literally spend like 30$ per pair of lashes then proceed to glue them to my fucking lash line to get the same look, the glue burns like a MF before it dries too.

    • @bambi3 we chatted right and sshe said that to get my attention, she liked them lol most girls seem to do tho

      but for a guy it feels weird man lol

  • For what it's worth, pretty much no guy ever gives a shit about your eyelashes. Only women seem to pay attention to them, and I really don't understand why.

    • Lol because they're beautiful :)

    • They really enhance your eyes

    • Really?

      To me, they're just kinda there. A utilitarian adaptation helping to keep dust and debris out of your eyes.

  • Fill an empty mascara with castor oil, and apply it with the mascara brush on your eyelashes before you sleep.

  • Honey strokes are great, the natural mascara 3d fiber lash by younique products is great, avocado does wonders too :)

  • put castor oil on them before you go to sleep every night. they'll be noticeably longer in 2 weeks.

  • Eat. Sleep. Relax.

    • My dad said the same thing >_< lol

    • Yeah, it's kind of like "how do I grow taller?"

      You don't do it, it just either happens or it doesn't. That's nature :)

    • True I guess I'm just a worrier sometimes & always want to control the outcome lol I guess I'll just try the remedies & try to relax , thank you for the advice :)

  • I think it's for the biggest part, genetic. I, for example, have long lashes since my paternal family (italians) have too.
    But I've heard about new things created especially for this, you should try it ;)

    • Yeah but I only want to use natural things but everyone's given me great advice

    • I think it's a kind a beauty product it's not surgery :)
      But I've also seen they can put you more lashes, it's differenf from fake eyelashes since it lasts a longer time I think

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