GUYS: what do you really look for in girls?

do guys really look for someone special or do you just judge on outward appearance?


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  • well, there are tons of things I look for in girls, but that doesn't mean that she has to have everything I'm looking for :). for me, true attraction comes with time. so I might see a girl and not find her specifically attractive in the beginning, but the more I know her, the hotter I find her :).

    but here are some things:

    -sweet smile

    -pretty eyes

    -great humor


    -good character

    -open minded

    -adventorous/interested in new things

    -self confident

    -a bit of evilness, like sexy evil lol

    -clean/good hygiene

    of course I also look at the appearance of the overall body form, but that isn't as important as the other things. there just has to be some sexual attractiveness.

    yeah. those are some things. but the more self confident you are, the better chances you have to meet someone (this also applies to guys by the way).

  • i don't usually judge on outward appearance but I like a girl who takes care of herself. I really look for personality. I really want a girl who is caring and sweet and will fight for me. I've always dated the girls that I found fantastically beautiful but other guys have only found either somewhat pretty or "cute" so I date on the curve I guess.


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