Ladies: What Do You Think Of These Shoes?

I have been dubbed the most fashionable guy in my major at my university and at my workplace XD!

Anyway... I am trying to change up my fashion style a little bit when it comes to my shoe game. What do you think about these following shoes/boots:

NUMBER 1:!!816616078.jpg!!816616078.jpg



Do you think these look nice?


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  • Thoughts on...
    Number 1: It's very k-pop looking. When a guy wears this type of shoes, I could automatically picture them hip-hop dancing with 4-5 other guys to a korean smash hit.

    Number 2:
    Sexy. These shoes, given that they're black, can match with anything and won't be too flashy. It won't make you look like a try-hard and the shoe itself is really stylish. ***But if I were you,,, GET DOC MARTENS***

    Number 3:
    These look like they can be worn, again, by a k-pop superstar when they're out and about (either at the mall, movies, with their gf, helping the poor in some infamous foundation.) It's a nice-looking shoe, but would look tacky if worn incorrectly/with no style. I mean, same goes with Numer 1.

    But overall, my opinion is just to get Docs <3! xx or The 2nd shoe.


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  • Aren't #1 and #2 the same thing?

    Male fashion sense here haha

    • Lol. 1 & 2 are clearly different XD! Male fashion sense... that is why I had to learn and train myself how to dress by reading magazines, learning about color coordination and watching fashion shows online XD. Now... I am a fashion connoisseur :p.

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  • Not a fan of the first pair. The second pair is damn sexy, love how men look in combat boots! And the third is alright when folded down

    • Most of my shoe collection consists of Hi-Top sneakers. I have 6 pairs of sneakers (they all look brand new since I clean them after wearing them). I had these sneakers for years... but they are not starting to wear and tear... and I want a more mature/sexy look. With that being said, I may buy 2&3.

    • Love hi-tops on a guy, especially when you tuck the pants into your shoes a little. I definitely would recommend two and three (:

  • I like 2 and 3.
    I'd say pick whatever goes best with most of your clothing

  • I like 1 & 3 :)

  • i like 2 and 3 not really into 1

    • What would you think about a guy who was wearing these shoes?

    • i wouldn't mind. they look really nice and would look great dressed up or down :)

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