Sick of bleached fried hair, any advice?

My hair was bleached then lowlighted but it's still very bleach blonde and fried. My natural hair is a light brown/dirty blondish.

I want to get ombre instead. What do you think of ombre?

I would grow out my roots for a while first, is that the best solution?

And any advice how to handle gross dead hair?


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  • I love it, personally. My natural hair color is ash brown as well. I wanted something healthy, but with a little more dimension than plain old ash. I love the depth that the two colors provide, and I love not having to retouch my roots every 3 weeks. It's a win win.
    If I were you I would do some intense hair therapy for a few weeks. Wash your hair in cool water, don't blow dry it, and don't straighten it. Try a protein treatment. ApHogee protein treatments are awesome. And for a good leave in treatment, I would highly reccomend L'anza "Trauma Treatment." I've seen it do amazing things for chemically damaged hair. You can get it at Ulta.
    When your hair feels a little less like straw and a little more like hair, go for the ombre. Ask your hairstylist about the base color of the dye he/she uses, because if it's green, it might actually turn your hair green, where it was bleached before. I would recommend a violet based ash for someone with bleached hair.

    • Oh, and growing your roots out doesn't really make a difference. Your hairstylist is probably going to put conditioner on your ends and dye on your roots, then blend the two together in the middle. So he/she will dye over your roots regardless.

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