How to be girly without being too obvious?

So basically, all of my friends told me that they think the main reason why I'm still single is that I appear too tomboyish. Even a guy just saw me could make a comment that I looked too tomboyish.
So what can I do? I'm not used to wearing dresses and skirts and high heels, since I have big legs and I feel really weak wearing those. And I hate pink or sparkling stuff.
I wanna change, but I don't want to make this too obvious, since my friends all know me as a girl who wears sneaker, tshirt and jeans everytime.
Thank you


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  • When you go shopping with them next time buy a dress or something. Doesn't have to be pink/sparkly. Make it just a chill out kind of style. Then they know you're not trying to dress to impress


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  • You don't have to change into an ultra feminine girly girl. You can dress casually and have a laid-back personality while still being attractive (which in my opinion is like the best of both worlds).

    Wear stuff that looks good on you. I have a casual style but the clothes I wear still fit my body type. For example, skinny or flared jeans and Converse, fitted tees, and sweaters and hoodies with cool designs on them. Find out your body shape (you can do so online) and determine what type of fits and cuts of clothes look best on you.

    As long as you carry yourself with confidence and have a good personality you'll be just fine.

    • Thank you ^^

    • Also, take care of your skin. Clear skin and a glowing face are very naturally good looking. Take care of your hair, too. That doesn't mean spending a bunch of time on it. Quick hairstyles can look great. I don't know what type of hair you have or the length of it but a ponytail or braid looks great.

    • Sure, I'll follow your advice gradually.

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  • Just be a sexy tomboy. You don't need to become a girly girl.

    • Example like?

    • I have to see a picture of you. But I had this friend who was a tomboy, and I was crushing over this other one. The first one did all things girly, but wasn't that girly. Like she would do her hair and put makeup on, but couldn't handle high-heels even though she tried putting them on. She liked baseball. The other one didn't even put makeup on. I have this friend who wears ugly boyish type clothes, and smokes, and is quiet, and swears a lot, sometimes I feel like she wants to kick my ass. She doesn't give off a sexy attitude.

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  • Do you wear some make up? How do you wear your hair? Just by working on those 2 areas you can instantly make yourself look more feminine without having to force yourself to wear dresses and heels.

    • I've never worn make up.
      And I have ponytail everytime.
      Thank you :D

    • Loosen the hair then :P That's probably your first step to appearing more girly.

  • Put a dab of makeup on. A little cover up if its needed. And a little mascera on your top eyelashes only. Get into the habit of it. Also, brush your hair.. Ease into curling it straightening it. Wear casual clothes don't wear skirts and crap especially if you don't feel comfortable. Wear blues and greens and jeans with a flat or sandal instead of sneakers. I'm tom boy at heart and this is how I am⬆⬆oh and guys love it :)

    • Thank you :)

    • It's worth a shot if you feel the way you described in the above post. Overall be yourself, because that's important. G-luck

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