Is stretching your ears worth it?

I had a thought the other day and I intend to act upon it, for the fun of fooling people into thinking I would stretch my ears.

But upon looking at various fake gauge earrings for people like me who don't want to stretch my ears, I wondered:

Why do people do it in the first place, when you know your ears will never be the same without surgery?

I feel like sometimes I want them, but I don't want to commit to something so permanent. So faux plugs and gauges are what I'll use when I feel like I want to stretch my ears.

The same goes for tattoos. I am artist. I like change, I like to add things here, take some of those away, move this over there, fix that little smudge or imperfection ect. Tattoos are permanent and wouldn't let me be the kind of artist I like to be, so I'll never get one. I do however draw art on myself occasionally, when I feel like it would be cool to have a tattoo.

Is anyone else feeling the same way?

If you have your ears stretched, how much do you like it, regret it, perhaps? Why?

Don't be afraid to hate, I want to know what everyone thinks, regardless if it agrees with what I think.
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  • I think it's disgusting.
    I have no idea why people do it.


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  • I am neutral. I don't like it or hate it.


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