Can I pull of shorter and lighter hair?

so i just got a rejection for the master program which i wanted for almost two years, i seriously devoted my life to this, i didn't want anything else and now it's game over
so somehow i want a change and i just saw this taylor swift video and i think she looks simply gorgeous
i love the hair so i though about cutting and bleaching it
(maybe slight ombre)
as you can see i am a little concerned as my face is a round and full but i am about to loose weight and my hair is quite long which would be crappy if i look horrible with a bob as it takes forever to grow it that long again


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  • Try a wig first see for yourself before u do it permanently and regret it. Some girls can pull off short hair and different colours but not every colour or style will suit everybody


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  • Bob looks great on just about everyone. The thing is, it depends on where you'll get your parting - in the middle or on the side. See how you look with either one of those. If I were you, I wouldn't go for lighter hair. It won't suite you.


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